What I offer
I specialize in writing about aging, healthcare and long-term care for membership associations, healthcare organizations, non-profit organizations, senior care companies and magazines.

Member associations
  • Informative online and print features that help members solve common problems and give them resources and practical tips to help them excel at their job
  • Ghost-written articles that convey information from subject experts in an easy-to-read style
  • Profiles that capture the essence of members, allowing readers to find out what makes them tick
  • Editing, rewriting and repurposing documents
University, college and alumni publications
  • Well-researched features and profiles
Hospitals and healthcare organizations
  • Patient stories, magazine articles and blog posts
Senior care and other healthcare companies
  • Articles, blog posts, e-books and other content marketing material
  • Reader-friendly special reports, white papers or other sales material that position your company as credible industry resource
  • Corporate writing (reports, guides, manuals, bios and profiles)

How I work with clients
In the beginning, I may ask you a lot of questions so I can zero in on the message you want to send out to readers. To make sure we see eye-to-eye about messaging as well as other project details like word count, deadline and fees, I will always send you a project proposal.

For long projects, I’ll send you a rough outline of the main points and list of possible sources (if required) to make sure I’m on the right track. Once you approve or adjust the outline, I’ll start researching and writing. Before sending in the first draft, I will check facts and run quotes by sources. I generally include two rounds of revisions.

Initial phone calls/consultations are free, as are short phone calls or emails related to the project. Fees depend on the specific details of the project. I usually charge flat rates or by the word.

Please contact me at katherineobrn@gmail.com for an estimate on price.